Ear Piercing Treatment

Award in Ear Piercing

Time: online assignment 3 hours and 2 hour practical assessment
From £65.00 

Course comprises of theory and practical tuition carried out at either the Academy or your workplace with assignments completed as home study.

Course Syllabus

  • Health & Safety
  • Hygiene notification to local council.
  • Equipment and products.
  • Consultation and treatment plans.
  • Preparation of room trolley and client care.
  • Benefits of Ear Piercing.
  • Anatomy & physiology: ear.
  • Step-by-step guide of Ear Piercing.
  • Contra-indications and contra-actions.
  • Aftercare advice.
  • Written assessment.
  • Practical assessment / Model required over 18.

Day 1 Practical Skills on step by step guide to Ear Piercing: Introduction to course work health and safety, setting up work area, contra-indications, consultation and practical anatomy and physiology.
Setting up work area

Review of skills development through practical observation/formative assessment, action planning and theory individual portfolio building throughout the course all ranges must be completed

Summative/final practical and written exams/assessments

Final written exam

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